jeudi 7 mars 2013

An exceptional New Moon on 11 March

Unusual inspiration and depth of creativity - a heightened time of sensitivity and connexion, feeling, deep knowing of oneness and surrender...

It is customary to gather for the full moon, a period of climax and fruition and depth and emotionality, the "result" of the junction of sun and moon  of 14 days earlier now being opposite.

I like to also put stress on the new moon, as it it a time of fresh beginnings. The house of our chart the sun and moon falls into tells us where/which area of life will be highlighted for a month or so. Look up your chart !

The 11 March New Moon, 20h.52 Geneva time - is of particular importance, as there is an exceptional stellium of no less than 7 planets in Pisces ! Nicely and closely aligned, ranging from Neptune (4°), Mercury R, (8°), Chiron (10°), Venus (17°), Sun and Moon (21°) and - last but not least - Mars (30°).

Neptune, now in Pisces, its own sign,  casts a spell of doubts and blur on (our)achievements, or rather on the achiever (who is the achiever anyway..). so the tone is set for the whole 15 years or so…let's not take it all that personally - Neptune is transpersonal anyway -as there is more to it than meets the I/eye. Let's let another vision, another doing thru non-doing emerge… this is what Mars his unusual  bed-fellow tells us this case !

It is not less than all our usual, personal, egotic ways of doing (thinking, loving, feeling,acting, communicating, identifying etc.) that are being gently but inexorably erased… In other words, Neptune puts a coat of misty paint on all our personal planets : Mercury, Venus, Sun/Moon and Mars. Adding insult to injury, Mercury is still retrogradeR and our messages go astray or are not even sent or received…

The choice is between despair (booze with Neptune is always an option !) and letting go; if we want to cling, we are hard put. If we trust that we are one with universe, that things keep falling apart for good  - if unknown - reasons, then our willing acceptance will steer the right course of … action/inaction or whatever. The bonus this time is that Saturn and Pluto (Yes them !) will be for a change on the helping side !

Tuning in to our inner voice before expressing anything outer is our present safe guide line (Mercury/Neptune) Sensing that our  pet desires, aversions and emotions may not be all there is to love (Venus/Neptune) that the boundaries of our bodies may stretch to infinity (Moon/Neptune) that our being is clearly or confusedly one with the the universe and that this all for the better (Sun/Neptune).That there may be more than one course of "action" and that in the end little energy may be required it timing is right … (Mars/Neptune)

But this not all there is to this new moon…it falls - at 8.52 pm - in the 5th house of … personal/impersonal creativity and both Jupiter and Chiron come into play. Our life situations and/or problems tend to be magnified, dramatized (Jupiter in 8th) in order to be healed as Chiron, like Neptune, spreads its medicine on the whole -real/unreal - scene.

These are poor words to put on what could be a magnifying experience of presence and oneness, beyond boundaries
This will be a fantastic time for artists  and meditators - but aren't we all ...
May I suggest that at this time we particularly inhabit, embody the energies we would like to be, the state of affairs we would like to see, experience in this beautiful world…
Tune in to this very special new moon, gather in a meditation  whether physically in a group or in presence.

martine keller 7 March 2013

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